Texas Electricity Ratings | ChoiceGenie | Power to Choose | Compare Electric Rates

Texas Electricity Ratings | ChoiceGenie | Power to Choose | Compare Electric Rates

Fact is Texas Electricity Ratings that makes you save energy – as it is one of the first things you look into when you want to start saving money. Keeping an eye on your gas and electricity bill is a vital step and it will help you understand where your money is going.

However, while getting the best electricity plan for your home is great, remember, there are many other ways to reduce your electricity and gas consumption. Your electric choice that enables saving money on energy is not only good for your pocket, but it also favors the environment!

With these awesome hacks, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars just by making a few easy changes provided by ChoiceGenie: The Texas electric broker.

Power to Choose # 1: Batch Cooking

ChoiceGenie: The ultimate power setter encourages the Genie readers to consider cooking in bulk. Thanks to this electricity scout, now you know by doing batch cooking, you’ll save a lot of electricity.

The perfect electricity rate will save you not only money on energy but what’s even more important, a lot of time!  The only thing is that you need a medium to large size freezer with space for a few plastic containers. Sorry!

Power to Choose # 2: Air Dry Clothes: Indoor/Outdoor

You could set up space inside to air dry your clothes. Wasn’t that how people dried their clothes before dryers? Yes, I thought so too! It worked and still works, brilliantly. You can compare power on-the-go if reluctant.

Power to Choose # 3: Windows Sealing

Nobody has “buy new windows” in their budget, – we assume – so how about sealing your windows with extra weather stripping to prevent cold air from entering your warmed and cozy rooms.

pay less power, do not let hot air be the culprit of your A/C running all day.

Power to Choose # 4: Drape the Curtains

We know, drawing the blinds or closing the curtains make your rooms darker and you do not want that. However, it costs a lot less to turn on an LED lamp than it does to run your heat or A/C. To live a care-free life, choose Texas power – ChoiceGenie.

Moreover, the curtains will block sunlight for you to stay cool in the summer. And come winter, it will block drafty cold air.

Power to Choose # 5: Not overworking the Dishwasher

To save time, energy and water, always scrape off food and debris from your dishes. By doing so, you don’t have to send them through the ultra-heavy duty power cycle.

When it’s totally full, run your dishwasher to get the most out of every cycle. Helpful fact: shorter eco-friendly cycles will cut your costs. You will cut your dishwasher’s electric rate usage by up to 50% just by turning off the heated dry setting. Thanks to the best vault electricity – ChoiceGenie.

Power to Choose # 06: Family Camping

According to Texas Electric Company, remember, you have the power to switch or simply follow the alternative: the new tradition. Families taking the ‘family camping’ indoor. Staying warm into a fun family activity!

How to Do:

  1. Pitch a tent in the living room
  2. Grab pillows and blankets

ChoiceGenie with the best Texas Electricity Ratings, assures you will enjoy the extra warmth.

Bottom Line

You think you’re being smart about your energy choice, but if not with your power to choose then every month your electric bill will never fail to shock you! Come to think of it, how high it could go in the summer months.

You have to cool off not only you but your apartment too during the scorching mid-July. Don’t be so shocked, you are among those average Americans who cannot help but pay $110 a month on their electric bill and simply neglect veteran energy plans.

Who couldn’t use a little extra cash? In this economy, people are seen saving a buck or two wherever possible. All those small savings add up over time and come handy when faced with a nasty electric bill!


Turn your home into a smart home! That’s the mother of all life hacks.  It will let you track the energy consumption so you are devoid of surprises when the bill comes.


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